Grow Your Self-Esteem

Become Self-Confident

Transform Your Life

Achieve Your Dreams

Take Control of Your Destiny

Read The 12 Secrets of Confident Women

Love Yourself

Stop the Self-Doubts

Overcome Your Fears

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Here's What You'll Achieve

Become Self-Confident and Grow Your Self-Esteem


Manage Your Emotions and Deal Effectively With Stress

Progress in Your Personal Life and in Your Career


Be Seen for Who You Really Are and Let Your Opinions Be Heard


Feel in Control in Important Situations Like Interviews, Presentations and First Dates

About the Coach

Hi! I'm Na-Ha. I'm dedicated to helping women believe in themselves, be seen and heard and guiding them towards success.

Before founding Get it Coaching, I worked as a HR and Culture Change consultant in a FTSE 100 organisation.

I obtained my Master's degree in Business Psychology in 2012 at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK.

In my free time I read books about self-development so that I can always help my clients more, I spend time with the love of my life and I travel around the world. I've been to more than 16 countries so far!

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"Since meeting Na-Ha, I have found a job that I really enjoy and look forward to developing and growing in confidence."

"Na-Ha is a wonderful person who knows how to listen. Thanks to her I discovered what I want and what I do not want in my life. I think nothing is a coincidence, because I found her just when I needed her!"

Brona - Executive Assistant, London

Lea - Entrepreneur, Buenos Aires

Here's What Others Say

Maité - Commercial Engineer, London

"I'd been procrastinating for more than a year, with self confidence issues and loads of excuses to get to the writing of my book.

Working with Na-Ha enabled me to gain the confidence I needed to pull my thoughts together and allowed me to grow considerably."

Penelope - Artist & Author, Paris

"When I approached Na-Ha, I had a motivation problem and I felt like I was going nowhere. Also, I was on the fast lane to going broke.

After working with her, my motivation returned, I launched a successful new company and I feel a renewed sense of purpose"

Improve Your Confidence

and Transform Your Life

Read The 12 Secrets of Confident Women

+44 (0) 7857 587971

What is Confidence Coaching?

How long does the coach work with a cleint?


Is Confidence Coaching for me?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and  creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. 

Coaching will support you to identify your strengths, improve your performance and achieve your goals in all areas of your life.



My initial programmes last 3 months. How often we meet that depends on you. There are three options:

  1. Once a week
  2. Once every two weeks
  3. As often as you want

If after the initial programme you want to keep working together, we can renew our contract :)

What can I expect from the coach?


As your coach, I know that you are the expert in your life and work and I believe that you are creative, resourceful and whole.

My role is to:

  • Encourage your self-discovery 
  • Clarify, and align with what you want to achieve 
  • Elicit your own solutions and strategies
  • Hold you responsible and accountable

Confidence Coaching focuses on developing and exercising the behaviours and mindset that make up self-confidence and self-belief. It's about understanding the gaps between your ideal Confident behaviour and your current one.

Together we will put strategies in place to  address these gaps and get you to your most confident self yet!



Coaching is not for you if you believe that you are a victim and you blame others for what is happening to you.

If you want to change your life and are ready to take responsibility for your actions, then coaching is for you.

I'm looking forward to help you achieve your wildest dreams!

Improve Your Confidence

and Transform Your Life

Read The 12 Secrets of Confident Women

+44 (0) 7857 587971